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Friday, May 18, 2012

Final test May 2012                   6th grade                       Name ______________________ Class______

1. Fix the mistakes in the sentences below:
 1. There is boy in the classroom.           There is a boy in the classroom.
2. There is a pencils on the table.           There are pencils/is a pencil
3. There are many animal in the zoo.       There are many animals in …_____________________
4. There is a fan next to door.                There is a fan next to the door______________________
5. There books under the table.              There are books under the table______________________
6. There is a bicycles beside the house. There are bikes/is a bike___________________
7. There are teacher in the school.          There is a teacher in the school________________________

2. Fix the mistakes in the sentences below ( much /many / a lot of )

1. Jane has many dogs and many a lot of cats in her house.       _____________________________________
 2. Mark has too much money, but not much time.          _____________________________________
 3. Bill drank too much milk and ate too much cake.                    _____________________________________
 4. I try to read many books every year.                          _____________________________________

3. Write “a few” or “a little” in the blanks below:

1. Only a few birds live in the park. 
2. You have a little water on your shirt. 
3. I only have a little time, so I need to do a little work. 
4. If you give me a few cars, I will give you a little money. 
5. There are a few  cups on the table.

4. Fix the mistakes in the sentences below:
 1. He thinks English is fun.                                ___________________________________________
2. I am going to the park.                                              
3. They listen to music every day.                      ___________________________________________
4.Sara drank the milk 2 hours ago           __________________________________________
5. I think you are funny.                          ___________________________________________
6. They are talking to my friend.                         ___________________________________________
7. My cat eats a lot of food.                              ___________________________________________
8. Listen! They are singing my favourite song.    __________________________________________
9. Last weekend we were in Ohrid.                      ___________________________________________
10. She eats breakfast in the morning.                ___________________________________________
5. Write an adverb in each blank to complete each sentence. (Each sentence should make sense!)

1. Rabbits can jump very _high____________.
 2. That baby is crying so _____loudly__________.
 3. Jack drives too __fast_, so the police officer gave him a ticket.
 4. Please don’t talk so __fast/ loudly _______. Some people are still taking a test.
 5. The roads are very wet, so please drive __carefuly/ ______.
 6. You are speaking too ____quietly___; I can’t hear you!
 7. After Jessica had a fight with her friend, she walked home___angrily sadly__.
 8. Wow! I didn’t know your sister could sing so _beautifully_________.
 9. My English teacher talks too _fast__________, so she is very hard to understand.
 10. You should write your homework _carefully correctly __ so you don’t make mistakes.

6. 1.) Underline each adjective and draw and arrow to the noun that it modifies.

2.) Circle each adverb and draw an arrow to the verb it modifies. 

1. The test was difficult so I wrote the answers quickly.
2. The red car can go fast.
 3. The fast car is red.
4. I write more slowly than Jane, but Jane’s words are messy.
5. The fat cat quietly ran across the dirty floor.
6. She correctly answered the easy questions, but she incorrectly answered the hard ones.
7. The beautiful dancer moves gracefully in a cute dress.
8. She dances terribly and her voice is horrible.
 9. Speak softly and carry a big stick.

7. Questions:
1. This student is in the _6th___ grade.
2. The first paragraph mainly discusses __her lifelong dream___.
3. Describe the girl felt when she saw her name on  the list? she was happy
4. Which of the following IS true?
a. Her father taught her to play softball.
b. She has played softball since she was two.
c. Her older brother taught her to play softball.
d. Her brother took her to the school to check the team list.
5. When did the girl learn  to play softball ?When she was in the second grade.
6. The girl is in the sixth grade. What grade is her brother probably in? In the ninth grade/ In the first year in High school.

Each answer is marked 1           total marks _____________
Karolina Nedelkovska ESL teacher OU Kole Kaninski Bitola

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