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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Practice for the test

1. Write the missing words.
Напишете ги зборчињата што недостигаат.

1. Rosa and Sharon are twin sisters.
2. Beth has got brown hair.

2. Find the differences. Најди ги разликите.
( short, tall, brown hair , black hair, long nose, small nose)         Paul
1. David is short.               3. David has got brown hair.
2. Paul is tall.                      4. Paul has got black hair.
5. David has got long nose.          6. Paul has got small nose.

3.  Have got   /  has got ЕДНИНА (he, she it)        
1. I’ve got (have got) a big brother.
2. My sister(She’s got) has got long hair.
3. The boys have got  a small ball.
The boys’ve got a small ball.
4. We have got two teachers.
We’ve got two teachers.
5. You have got  a small sister.
You’ve got a small sister.

haven’t got/hasn’t got
1. I haven’t got a big brother.                     4. We haven’t got two teachers.
2. My sister hasn’t got long hair.                                5. You haven’t got long hair.
3. The boys haven’t got a small ball.

Have  / Has
1. Have I got a big brother?
2. Has my sister got long hair?
3. Have the boys got a small ball?
4. Have we got two teachers?
5. Have you got long hair?

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