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Monday, April 15, 2013

 IV grade

am, is are             +                             ing

1. He is walking in the park.(walk)
2. I am winning the game. (win)
3. He is eating a sandwich. (eat)
4. She is dancing in the house. (dance)
5. We are jumping in the classroom. (jump)
6. They are running in the woods. (run)
7. You are swimming  in the pool. (swim)
8. I am washing the car. (wash)
9. My parents are travelling to Ohrid. (travel)
10. Sara is riding her bike. (ride)
11. Sam is washing his hands. (wash)
12. They are listening to the radio. (listen)
13. We are taking photo. (take)
14. Mary is making a birthday cake. (make)
15. Stefan is doing homework. (do)
16. The boys are watching TV. (watch)
 17. Mary and Tina are writing a song. (write)
18. We are sitting in the park. (sit)

Write negative form
isn’t, aren’t , am not        +     ing

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