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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Here is your homework  (Emilija forward this on facebook, ; ))

(for those who don't know how to write the verbs just to copy them in the notebook, we'll do that in class)

Write the verbs in the correct form  

1) When the post man  __________, my father _______________. .)
2) While my brother ____________, my grandma ______________some muffins.
3) I ___________to the doctor 2 days ago because I ______a terrible headache. 
4) When I____________10, I ____________a sandwich every evening.
5) He _____________the train because he _____________with some friends.
6) The thieves ____________into the house while the man____________. (sleep)
7) I _____________a glass of water at eleven. I'm not thirsty now.
8) _______________you _____________the composition last week?
9) My mother ______________at home when she_____________down the stairs.
10) The children  ___________a tree when their mummy  _______ them.

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